Ocean & Vine Certificate of Merit

This is to certify that

Warrick Forde

Receives the certificate of merit from Ocean & Vine Tours for his angling achievements whilst on a two day tour in April 2001.

Catch: White Steenbras (Lithognathus Lithognathus 726) 




7kg 15lbs

Bait: Sand Prawn
When: 04/04/2001


6wt Fly Rod with  Daiwa 1000 range coffee grinder with 3kg breaking strain line.

Fight duration:

Warrick hooked the fish at 4pm and played it well for half an hour, then when trying to net it we saw what is was, and so had to wait another half an hour. He eventually landed it at 5 minutes past five (1 hour and five minutes). 


Congratulations Warrick

Love Wayne and Catherine